Wilson Precision Pack


The Pro Staff Precision 100 offers advanced recreational players an excellent degree of precision and ball placement on every shot. Its basalt carbon fibre construction optimises feel, while the Perimeter Weighting System in the frame enhances torsional stability for added consistency. Heavy, sleek and control-oriented, the Pro Staff Precision 100 almost guarantees satisfaction for players looking to transition to the iconic franchise.

Packaged with the Advantage II Triple Bag and US Open Extra Duty Tennis Ball 4 Can.

Sporting a traditional colour scheme that goes with nearly any outfit or skill set, the Advantage II Triple Bag is a top value option for your tennis needs. This bag can hold up to six adult racquets and contains a secondary compartment for any personal effects or accessories you like to carry around.

Freight: Standard Freight Policy Applies
Lead time: 5 Days

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